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There is nothing more reassuring than knowing our loved ones and property are safe even when we are not around to take care of them. Our daily routines however, prompt us not be home all the time, this bugs us with the question of just how safe are our homes when we are away? Well, you don’t have to worry, Skyline Security is here to give you the reassurance you deserve knowing your home and all your loved ones are well protected even when away. It does this by connecting all your smart devices in one easy to use app, so you stay in control of your house wherever you go.

Services We Offer

Our interactive security helps you control your home from your web-connected mobile device. You will be amazed at how much you can do with this technology while away from away. For instance you get a picture of who walks in and out of your home; you can lock your doors straight from your home and you get instant updates on your home sent to you personally.

This technology automatically simplifies your life. It allows you to take care of your of simple tasks such as turning on the lights, making adjustments to the thermostat or even unlocking or locking the doors and windows automatically using Alarm.com.

We give you the ultimate control over your home in your hands; in fact your phone acts as your universal remote from wherever you are. Using the free mobile app – Alarm.com, you can control your house and property from virtually everywhere anytime. For instance you can get important notifications such as your garage door was left open, this helps you take necessary security steps in advance to avoid accidents.

Visual monitoring helps you understand what is going on at your property at all times. It enables you watch live videos or recorded security footage on your tablet, smartphone or computer. For instance you can know when your kids got home or even what your pet has been up to when you were away.

Energy management just as the name suggests helps you minimize your energy use without sacrificing your comfort. It helps you make any changes to your thermostat and lights and in turn you can also use customized schedules to suit your lifestyle. For instance, if the weather change unexpectedly when you away from home, you can reprogram your home thermostat for warmth or cooling immediately. This flexibility and convenience helps you save both on energy and money in the long run.

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