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Violent crime is on the rise in the United States according to new research, encouraging more homeowners and tenants to install home security cameras on their properties. The nature of closed-circuit television, or CCTV, has evolved over the last few years. What was once the domain of high crime neighborhoods or retail outlets, CCTV has become the norm for many everyday people and is becoming increasingly common. A home security system will provide you with the peace of mind you and your family need and could act as a deterrent to theft and violent crime. Here are some of the ways security cameras have changed in the last few years and why they are becoming popular with people in San Antonio, Texas.

1. Wireless has revolutionized technology

CCTV used to be big and bulky. Now, the latest security cameras are wireless, providing more usability and flexibility for homeowners in San Antonio. These cameras are easier to install than products with wires because they don’t have heaps of power cable. You can even use these cameras with just a battery (although if you are planning to film with your camera 24 hours a day, it makes more sense to plug it into a power outlet). Wireless cameras transmit video signals wirelessly and can provide you with insights into your property wherever you are in the world. Going on vacation? New technology enables you to film your property with a wireless camera while you keep an eye on your home via a laptop or smartphone. Sounds pretty impressive, right? Although standard security cameras will do the job for the majority of homeowners, new technology has revolutionized the way people protect their homes.

Looking for a camera system that will deter burglars and protect your family? You’ve come to the right place. We have years of experience and can recommend the best alarm and security cameras San Antonio has to offer.

2. Cameras now provide clearer and more accurate visuals

Long gone are the days when cameras used to produce blurry visuals that just ended up confusing you. The latest CCTV has picture-perfect clarity, enabling you to monitor your property so you can look for intruders who might try and gain access to your home. Some of the most popular options for homeowners and tenants in San Antonio include black and white cameras, which produce a clear picture even during the nighttime hours. You will be able to film your yard and exterior of your property as a security measure and safeguard your home and family. Intensifier cameras increase ambient light levels, so they can pick up clearer details. Finally, infrared cameras are useful in low-light environments. The latter sends out an infrared signal and can even film in pitch-black conditions, making it perfect for shooting your property in the early hours of the morning.

Make sure you purchase the right security camera. We can help! Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can install an alarm and safety system in your home. Call now 210-343-1233

3. Cameras can now record live

Old cameras enabled you to film a location, but you would need to play back the recording after the fact. New technology allows you to shoot in real-time, with live recordings of your property that will protect you and your family. Use your security camera as a deterrent in San Antonio and set up a live feed. Alternatively, think about getting a security camera system that has a digital video recorder, or DVR, so you can still record footage if you need to. There are loads of these products available.

We provide cost-effective home security solutions for apartments, single-family homes, condos, town houses, residential complexes and commercial buildings in San Antonio, TX, saving you more money in the long run.

4. Increase the value of your home with a security camera

Another recent trend in security cameras has been that these items tend to add value to homes in Texas and the rest of the country. Prospective house buyers are often impressed when a property has an alarm system installed or security cameras that can monitor the property.

Want to increase the value of your home? Contact us today to find out more about our security products and services. Call Today! 210-343-1233

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